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Sultan Abdul Hamid Episode 475 by PTV Home

Payitaht Abdul Hamid Episode 475 Urdu dubbed by PTV Home

Sultan Abdul Hamid Episode 475 in Urdu & Hindi by PTV Home. Payitaht Abdul Hamid Season 5 by PTV Home in Urdu. Sultan Abdulhamid drama by PTV.


  • Type: TV series
  • Episodes: Ongoing
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Aired: 2017-present
  • Premiered: March 14, 2017
  • Broadcast: PTV Home
  • Producers: TRT 1, Akli Film
  • Licensors: PTV Home
  • Studios: Akli Film
  • Source: Historical
  • Genres: Historical, Drama, Political
  • Duration: 60 minutes
  • Rating: TV-14

Sultan Abdulhamid II

He was lost in some thoughts. I turned my face outward. The truth is, I was having fun. what i wanted My situation was like in five ghee and in a frying pan. Immediately, Nasreen’s curious and surprised voice created a vibration in the atmosphere of the car. “Hey bro, isn’t this the same al-Ma’ari that Alla Mah Iqbal has mentioned in Baal Jibraeel?” I am reminded of his poem entitled Abul-Ula Al-Mu’ara. At the same time, Nasreen had also started studying.

Sultan Abdul Hamid Episode 475 urdu dubbed by PTV

The Ottoman Empire

It is said that Mara did not eat meat He always used to flourish A friend sent him a roasted partridge Perhaps that pheasant was killed by the same composition This is what Khawan-e-Trutaza Maari saw He said that Sahab-e-Ghafran and the necessary things O poor chicken, please tell me this What was your sin for which you are punished? Alas, a hundred alas, if you do not become kings The eye did not see the signs of nature! This is the fatwa of the judge of fate from eternity The crime of weakness is the punishment of death.

The Empire and Khilafat

The truth is that I did not know the exact meaning of the poem. There was nothing I wanted to know. All three of us were white in this matter. If the lover of Iqbaliyat said something about something, it would surely be true. However, some sixty kilometers away from the main highway, Idlib, surrounded by hills and surrounded by the Mediterranean winds, could be seen. Everywhere in the fields and gardens, plastic, polythene sheets and sheds were seen everywhere to protect the seasonal vegetables and fruits.

What was the matter of the city, so beautiful that you can tell a lie. It was great to have the honor of giving grains all evening, smiling and waving in the green fields. A lot of beards and burqas were seen. Cows were also seen. Stopping the car, Shabbir asked the passer-by about the shrines of Abul-Ala Al-Mu’ari and Umar bin Abdul-Aziz.

It is noteworthy that nearly three-fourths of the total investment in R&D has been provided by enterprises. Pray for him and enjoy this blessing of Ser Spate. Looked at Nasreen. There was neither pleasantness nor any element of disgust.

Stay Strongツ

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